We are Noosh:
the new platform to create and manage your competition easily and organically.

Struggling to find a transparent, accessible and reasonably priced platform for you contest?
Welcome to Noosh: we are confident we are what you are looking for.

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Run your contest from anywhere in the world.

Noosh enables you to run your contest with maximum ease and no technical knowledge is needed.

Safe And Reliable

Noosh uses the latest technology and infrastructure to build a secure and responsive environment.

User-friendly And accessible

Noosh is structured in a simple way that anyone can use and submit to. All digital files uploaded by submitters are held in the "Noosh cloud", so no need to download files to your devices.

Practical And Time-saving

If you run or plan on running a photo competition Noosh can provide you an ergonomic platform which you can use to receive, view and judge entries.

With our 24/7 technical support you are never left alone.

We offer a constant and reliable technical support; both for your back-office and admins as well as for your submitters.

Noosh is the new submission managing platform for you.

Manage with ease and no pre-knowledge needed. Run your contest from anywhere around the world.

Through Noosh you can broaden your reach exponentially.

  • Transparent
  • Supportive
  • Intuitive
  • Reliable
  • User-friendly
  • Reasonably priced
  • Stylish

Official Launch to third party contest: Spring 2023.

What Noosh is for:

  • Photo competitions
  • Art contests
  • Grant proposals
  • Design call for entries
  • Photo agency submissions
  • And other enterprises that receive digital files (paid or unpaid)

There is no need of download the entries.

What Noosh provides:

  • Easy registration for Submitters
  • Digital files upload (from zero to unlimited)
  • Secure Payment by submitters
  • Multiple admins
  • Juror creation
  • Voting and rating (remotely)
  • Self-tailored modules for submission page design
  • Own logo
  • Support Chat implementation
  • Email contact to submitters
  • Batch Email contact to submitters
  • 72hrs, 24hrs or same day technical support

Want to know more?

We offer different levels of memberships.

Noosh will be launched in 2023,

in the meantime, get in touch with us

to receive more information and to pre-register for our launch discounted packages.

Our Packages (beta):


Up to 400 entries.

  • 72 hrs response technical support.
  • Up to 3 jurors.
  • One admin.
  • Rating as one to 10.
  • Up to 8 fields/ forms for your submission page.


Up to 800 entries.

  • 24 hrs response technical support.
  • Chat implementation.
  • Up to 5 jurors.
  • One to three admin.
  • Rating cast-able.
  • Up to 15 fields/ forms for your submission page.


Up to 1200 entries.

  • Same day technical support response.
  • Chat implementation.
  • Up to 10 jurors.
  • One to five admin.
  • Unlimited forms for your submission page.
  • Free ad placement into Photo contest Hub. (One month special feature.)

For over 1200 entries: Surplus account.

Prices for all different packages will be public and published online in due time.


Q: What if I start with the Basic and then I receive more entries?

A: Before you are reaching your maximum submissions we will contact you and decide with you how to proceed; upgrade your membership or restrict entries.

Q: I would like to run a photo contest, but have no idea how to create a submission page.

A: Our platform allows you to create your submission page easily by drag & drop forms and modules. In addition, you can use our ready-made templates.

Q: Do you only deal with photography competitions?

A: Our background is photography; therefore, we have created a platform that enables photo contest to be managed and run effortlessly; however, our platform can be used for any contest that receive digital files (being these: photographs, pictures of arts or sculpture, writing, poems, videos etc).

Q: Are you expensive?

A: One of the reasons that made us create Noosh was to build an accessible and affordable platform; Noosh, for what it offers, is the most competitive on the market by far.

Q: Can I have my own logo?

A: Yes, you can upload your own logo at the submission page.

Q: How many entries are allowed submitters to upload?

A: From one to 100.

Q: I run a free contest, submitters participate without a fee, do you provide a free package?

A: We can provide a free package if you are a registered Charity.

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